Blue – Homed

Blue – Homed

‘Website Woof’ presents Blue; Blue was born in November 2013.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like a detailed assessment of Blue please visit Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare where the manager, Carol, and staff can advise you on his temperament, nature, health and diet.

The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224918

Blue went to Painshill Park with Craig W. on November 5th 2017. This is what Craig said about Blue:

‘Blue joined me for a walk at Painshill Park on a cloudy Saturday morning, not that this bothered him as he was ready to go adorned in his warm coat. Blue was a steady passenger in the car, happy to jump in and out as required. Being a young boy he is energetic on the walk but, with a bit of guidance, he settles nicely into walking on the lead. He was interested in exploring the new surroundings and experiences and although the park was very quiet he reacted very little to the geese, swans and one other dog. Blue also enjoys some lovable attention after his walk and will readily rest his face in your lap and soak it all in. When you visit the hounds be sure to take Blue for a walk.’

Blue went to the Park with Michael Lewis on October 29th 2017. This is what he said about him:

‘Blue was fairly excitable especially when seeing other dogs on West End Green. He was quite good when meeting large dogs but a little snappy with smaller ones. He needed a harness but improved as the walk went on. Blue would benefit from more socialisation away from the kennels.’