Barney is not your ordinary greyhound. He is an absolute star riding in a car – he jumps in and jumps out without hesitation, and he settles in quickly. Bright lad as he is he has figured out that the best thing during travel is to lie down and chill. Stairs are no problem for him – if anything you’ll need to quicken your pace a bit to keep up!

Barney is friendly with large dogs of other breeds. Smaller dogs are still a bit exciting and with continued socialisation he will improve. Imagine – it is hard to understand the world when you don’t have anyone to take you places.

He makes up for his lack of worldliness with his very waggy tail. Not to mention his EARS – they are EPIC!

Barney has been at the kennels since 2014 and is starting to go grey around the muzzle…he’d be SUCH a nice companion for a girl hound or someone who likes something soft and chunky to cuddle up with on the sofa.

He is a cracking lad. I have no idea why he is still looking for a forever sofa.

If you want a steady and loving companion, Barney would be perfect for you.

Equally – if you have a girl hound that would like some company or would benefit from a confident (and very tolerant!) lad like Barney, he would be delighted to take her paw and walk happily into the sunset with her.