Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare (WGW) aim to relieve the suffering of greyhounds and other sighthounds who are in need of care and attention. In particular WGW provides and maintains kennel, refuge, rescue home and support facilities for the care and rehoming of unwanted greyhounds, and provides treatment for sick, injured or ill-treated greyhounds. WGW will never put a healthy dog to sleep. The specific objectives of WGW are:

  • To promote careful and responsible rehoming of greyhounds and other sighthounds
  • To provide a sanctuary for life for those greyhounds and other sighthounds who may not be suitable for rehoming or are not easily rehomeable because of medical or behavioural issues
  • To provide ongoing support to our adopters, including facilities to care for their greyhounds or other sighthounds on a temporary basis after rehoming and, should the need arise, on a longer-term basis until such time as the greyhound or other sighthound is found a suitable home
  • To educate the general public on the plight of greyhounds and other sighthounds, and to promote them as suitable pets.