Jill and Joey head home

Jill and Joey head home

We all love to see a hound go to their forever home don’t we? Even better, 2 hounds to the same home at the same time! Furthermore 2 hounds who pulled and dragged and panted their way round the field on walks and so put a lot of potential ‘homers’ off them.

However, when someone sees beyond that first impression and apparent indifference from an over enthusiastic hound, they end up with two delightful, fun and affectionate hounds like Jill and Joey who have now found their forever home together. Some hounds don’t ‘sell’ themselves very well in kennels because they are distracted or desperate to go out or a walk or a drive. It doesn’t mean they are not interested in you or are not as loving as other hounds. They just need that bit of time to shine through.

News - September 6th Joey And Jill Go Home
News – September 6th Joey And Jill Go Home

Thank you Johanna and Kirk for giving Jill and Joey that time and opportunity. We wish you all the best with your special new members of the family.

Carol x