Why your sponsorship is so important

The majority of the greyhounds that live in The Sanctuary did not arrive at our kennels with the specific desire to be there. Once they too had dreams of being a family pet. But they cannot help what they are and they do not choose to live their lives on medication. For some of them, they may yet know the delights of living in a real home with a real family. We’d like to think so.

In the meantime The Sanctuary is their home and we are their family. They are no less loved than our own pets at home. Many of our supporters and regular visitors sponsor these hounds and go out of their way to get to know them well and make them feel special. A real and very close bond grows as they get to know each other and it is a pleasure to witness their mutual delight when they meet.

And greyhounds, just to put your minds at rest, do live very happily at our kennels. In fact we have had some here that weren’t able to settle in a home environment and preferred that which was so familiar to them – the kennels. The structure and routine of kennel life to many of them is comforting. They know what to expect and when to expect it. They are not faced with a multitude of decisions or do’s and don’ts and behavioural issues which may have been difficult to manage in a home environment tend to virtually disappear over time.

By sponsoring a sanctuary hound you allow us to offer each and every one of our hounds a home in our Sanctuary should they ever need it. Because of this facility we are able to take in greyhounds that have been deemed ‘un-homeable’ by other rescues, knowing that if they truly are un-homeable then we can offer them the safety of The Sanctuary and give them a loving and caring home.

So here they are; Our sponsorship hounds. Each special, each individual, each deserving of the very best that we can give them; and that, for as long as they need it, is The Sanctuary.

You can download an application form for sponsoring a sanctuary hound from here.

There are 3 levels of Sponsorship available

Greyhound Friend

£25 per year

Special Friend

£50 per year

V.I.P. Friend

£100 per year

Receive a personalised certificate, photograph, newsletter and sanctuary themed gift.

Select Greyhound to Sponsor

All the benefits of a Greyhound Friend plus a copy of the WGW Calendar featuring our Sanctuary hounds.

Select Greyhound to Sponsor

All the benefits of a Special Friend PLUS your name will be added to your hound's web page acknowledging your support.

Select Greyhound to Sponsor

Download an application form for sponsoring a sanctuary hound from here.

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Happy, bouncy Socks is an old boy now and so unlikely to ever find his forever home.He has aged recently and has developed an arthritic neck which requires ongoing pain medication, specifically selected to be kinder to his kidney and liver functions.

Socks - so called because he is mainly black with what looks like white socks on his legs – adores people and is very friendly and excellent with his birches as a thoroughly tolerant and good natured boy, although due to his long body and neck problem, he cannot now easily share a kennel.

A great favourite with walkers, he does have his shouty moments with other breeds that used to put people off homing him when he was younger and stronger, although frankly he would rather avoid other breeds on walks, than actively seek them out.

With a bit of work and more socialisation, we feel he will overcome this, but at his age, his homing prospects will likely be few and far between.

With his huge appealing eyes, who could fail to love him and a better hound friend you could not find.

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Laleham Dog Training Club
  • Thelma Steven
  • Andrew and Sue Childs


Scooby is now nearly 10 years old and sadly, has recently developed low level kidney disease. This is managed with a special diet of boiled chicken and white fish with pasta/rice and his kidney function is helped with a heart support daily medication and regular blood tests.

He is a lovely lad to look after and loving and trusting of the carers and walkers he knows.  However, as a naturally anxious boy,  he can be wary of people he doesn’t know and is unpredictable around other dogs, especially in the noisy kennels yard during walking hours, as he prefers his own space, both in the yard and on walks. 

This means he has never presented well in the yard to potential homers, as we have for his sake,  to remind his walkers to look out for him and pay attention to his need for space in a crowded yard, whereas on walks away from kennels and given more space, he is much more at ease.

We had hoped he would have got a home by now as once he knows and trusts you, Scooby is thoroughly loyal and loving. Unfortunately, as he gets older and now with the kidney problem that has developed,  this is sadly less likely, but you never know.

If not, we will always have a loving home in the Sanctuary for darling Scooby who is always so willing to please.



We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Laleham Dog Training Club
  • Alex Benis
  • Vanessa Hollowell
  • Mick & Chris Sharrod
  • Roy & Elizabeth Lowe
  • Mandie Singleton
  • Corrine Smith
  • Angela Holder
  • Pauline Kirk
  • Carrie Andrews
  • Sue Armstrong
  • Helena Stirling

Monis has been with us for more than 4 years now.

She has a lovely little shrew-like face that is very endearing but because she is rather introverted when she first meets you and sports a rather grey muzzle,  she has been constantly overlooked for homing.

Now 10 years old, she is less likely to be everyone’s first choice of a hound to home but we love her to bits. If you ever walk her at the kennels, just beware of her penchant for ducks, geese and chickens as she will drag you in a ditch to chase one! 

With other breeds of dog, she is fine, if rather lacking in confidence with them. On walks in the field, she adores rolling in the grass, especially where foxes have dared to tread (and where they have also unfortunately left their mark !).

She is a real tomboy at heart.

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Nigel & Marjorie Wilks
  • Michael Waugh
  • Tracy Woods
  • Laleham Dog Training Club
  • Cindy and Colin Wigley
  • Roy & Elizabeth Lowe

Lou was taken in as a rescue from a kennel in Cambridgeshire in July 2015, as a wary 9 year old black greyhound girl with a little seal-like face and distinctive white eyelashes.

Never sure of herself, she greets any new dog in her space with a customary snarl, just so they know to take it easy around her and not rush her, as she does feel vulnerable in a busy kennels yard.

A lovely companion dog who has learned to accept a kiss and a cuddle where she was initially wary of any human contact, Lou is by nature great fun. She leaps around if she sees a small fluffy thing running but shows no interest in chasing them when meeting other breeds close up.

Everything in life is new to anxious Lou and what she lacks in confidence, she makes up for in her natural exuberance for life and walks ! 

As an older girl, she is less likely to be selected for homing and so we have placed her on our sponsorship scheme.



We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Marjorie & Nigle Wilkes
  • Roy Chadwick
  • Ziggy Hatherall
  • Lee & Lisa Beauchamp
  • Janice Willats
  • Doreen & Robin Streatfield

Kiko came into us for re-homing in 2011. Sadly, his strength and strong chase instinct when he was younger,  stood against him, despite his exceptionally loving nature.

He also subsequently developed an occasional  cough/chest infection in the kennels at certain times of the year which is successfully treated with antibiotics, since he has been regularly checked out at the vets, but this has meant sadly, he was less likely to be homed. We therefore placed him on the Sanctuary sponsorship scheme.

We never give up hoping for a forever home for any of our Sanctuary hounds, but we recognise that his chest infections would probably put some people off homing him.

Kiko is not the reactive boy he once was in the kennel yard and has mellowed with age, although would still take a dislike to some dogs on walks away from the kennels. If a potential homer ever did come along and fall in love with him, we are sure that would not be a major problem, as a more loving boy you could not wish to find.

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Katie McGrath
  • Anna Madeley
  • Bella Assauer
  • Pat & Roy Parker
  • Debbie Rowley
  • Brenda & Bryan Warner
  • Elizabeth Carey
  • James Waddington
  • Issy & Tom Barton
  • Liz Phillips
  • Susie & David Crayfourd

Gentleman Jim, so called because he has always looked like a distinguished older chap, his grey faced appearance belying his years, along with his slow,  pondering walk.

He has been with us for 3 years now and although he had very successful fosters, has never been seriously considered for homing. This is a great shame, as a more loving,  affectionate hound you will not find, and he will rest his weary head on your shoulder for a big cuddle whenever he can. He is undoubtedly anxious around other dogs, even his own kind, but as long as you make sure he has his own space in the kennel yard and take him for a walk where he feels safe, you can visibly see he is instantly more at ease and benefits from a confident walker.

Although he is less anxious walking with a confident girl greyhound, we do not feel he would need to necessarily live with another dog, but would benefit from an owner who works from home and who wants a true, loyal, companion hound. Although Jim is fine at night in the kennels, during the day, as soon as he knows the kennel staff have started to arrive, he anxiously drools at the door and gets himself in a terrible state to get out and join you. To stop him making himself ill stressing to get out of his kennel, we have found he is at ease,  once he is settled  in one of the kennel rooms where he can see everyone, as a dog who actively thrives on human interaction.

Health wise,  he is fine, but when we did have Jim checked at our greyhound vets, the vet felt his symptoms were synonymous with a person having an anxiety attack. Interestingly, he is fine at home on his foster visits, so this behaviour is restricted to kennels.

Unfortunately, this puts people off homing him, beside his extreme fear of other dogs in his space which can catch you unawares on a walk with him, when he jumps about and barks to ward off what he thinks is danger if another dog is in sight of him. He is however very responsive to people and if he does eventually find a home, with someone who looks beyond his kennel life issues, and sees him for the endearing boy that he is, then this behaviour will undoubtedly subside as he becomes a more confident, worldly hound. 

Until then, he will have a home for life with us in the Sanctuary where it is a little quieter for him.  In the daytime, he can claim his bed in his beloved tearoom in the kennels yard.

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • June McLeod
  • Laleham Dog Training Club
  • Faith, Freya & Hope 
  • Lesley Withers
  • Sharon Wells

Frazer came into our kennels  as a ‘Christmas  Gift’ from another rescue in December 2014, with a report that he had probably not been treated very well and he was unsocialised  and very food orientated.

The rescue desperately needed to find a space for him but needed to ensure his future was safe whatever ‘behavioural  issues’ he might prove to have .

We agreed to take him in and offered him a home in the Sanctuary, as long as he needs it. We therefore placed him on the sponsorship scheme. 

He is very strong and although a manageable walk, anyone walking him needs to be aware of his potential to pull when  seeing a cat or small fluffy.

Frazer has been with us  nearly two years now and not found a home but he has blossomed into a very loving dog who lives for his walks and thrives on a good feeding and walking routine. Who could not fail to notice those huge appealing eyes!

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Janine Marchelline
  • Laleham Dog Training Club
  • Caroline Hastie-Smith
  • Gabrielle Horwood
  • Paul and Mary Onstenk

Deano came into us in July 2015 as a very nervous 6 year old blue boy.

Regular walks and gentle handling have shown he is in fact a very loving, cheeky boy, although you have to get to know him before he will trust you and show his true nature. In the noisy kennels yard, he drags his walker out to the gate, looking back over his shoulder at them and frantically looking round the corners of the yard for what he sees as the next obstacle he will need to assess.

Unlike a lot of nervous dogs however, once he gets used to your voice and you talk to and reassure him, he totally tunes into you and would blossom outside of kennels with a self-assured greyhound or other breed bitch or dog for added confidence to get over his fear of loud traffic. He is very loving and adores cuddles. Once you put him back in his kennel after a walk or a paddock, he swings round for a well earned kiss and a more loving, affectionate hound you could not find, once he gets to know you.

Whilst he is in the Sanctuary as a nervous hound who will not therefore be everyone’s first choice for homing, we have therefore placed him on the sponsorship  scheme.


We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Sharon James
  • Gaynor Renwick
  • Georgina Mayo
  • Janice Willats
  • Michael Browne