Kiko came into us for re-homing in 2011. Sadly, his strength and strong chase instinct when he was younger,  stood against him, despite his exceptionally loving nature.

He also subsequently developed an occasional  cough/chest infection in the kennels at certain times of the year which is successfully treated with antibiotics, since he has been regularly checked out at the vets, but this has meant sadly, he was less likely to be homed. We therefore placed him on the Sanctuary sponsorship scheme.

We never give up hoping for a forever home for any of our Sanctuary hounds, but we recognise that his chest infections would probably put some people off homing him.

Kiko is not the reactive boy he once was in the kennel yard and has mellowed with age, although would still take a dislike to some dogs on walks away from the kennels. If a potential homer ever did come along and fall in love with him, we are sure that would not be a major problem, as a more loving boy you could not wish to find.

We are grateful to the following VIP sponsors:

  • Michael Browne
  • Bryan & Brenda Warner
  • Katie McGrath
  • Anna Madeley
  • Bella Assauer
  • Pat & Roy Parker
  • Debbie Rowley
  • Brenda & Bryan Warner
  • Elizabeth Carey
  • James Waddington
  • Issy & Tom Barton
  • Liz Phillips
  • Susie & David Crayfourd