Billy's Story

Billy came into us in 2015, 10 days before Christmas, as a young, handsome, black 3 year old. From the off he was a happy, bright lad who adored people and was always very friendly with any other hound. Unfortunately, when he was booked into the vets soon after arrival for a routine check-up and castrate a tumorous growth was found right at the back of the roof of his mouth. The lump was removed and sent off to the labs for a biopsy. When the first set of lab results came back it seemed that although it was malignant it was low risk and being the type of cancer it was, would recur in the mouth first which meant we could monitor it.

Some months later we noticed a small lump in the roof of his mouth. Our greyhound vet removed it, along with the gristly skin on the roof of the mouth to reduce risk given there was, according to the subsequent lab results, only a 5% chance of it recurring. In true Billy style he very quickly bounced back. Without any other symptoms he was in all other ways fit and healthy, always pawing at his kennel door for walks and cuddles and just being his usual fun-loving self. The bad news was a small lump re-formed a month later. Whilst hoping this was scar tissue, we knew in our heart of hearts when taking him for a further check-up that it was likely the cancer had returned, despite the low odds of it doing so. Indeed it had.

Since this indicated that Billy was one of the unlucky 5%, we felt at the time that it would not be in his best interests to keep cutting the lump out for it to return more aggressively and with the possibility of secondary symptoms. So we decided to give him the best time we could and let him enjoy the summer months for as long as possible. We were advised of what secondary physical symptoms to look out for and Billy carried on as normal, screaming for his food and walks as always, enjoying special trips away from the kennels and loving life and people and other hounds as much as ever. August departed and September arrived and we came to the point where Billy’s lump had rapidly become significantly bigger, so that bits of food had begun to fall out of the side of his mouth. He ‘Reached the Beach’ at West Wittering, had extra trips to the park and time at home with my colleague, Marina. But we knew we had to do the right thing by Billy and much though we hoped upon hope he could have had more time, we knew we needed to get him checked at our vets and so we prepared for the worst.

The vet checked him over and concluded that whilst he was in such fine fettle, other than the enlarged lump make eating messy for him, there was no reason the lump could not be removed, as potential secondary symptoms had not set in and he was young and bright and lively in himself. In his opinion and taking into account Billy’s good track record of post-op recovery, surgery was viable to achieve a projected few more months of a good quality life for him. Naturally, there are always financial implications with any operation or course of treatment and these are always considered, but in the light of the veterinary advice given we took the view that our supporters would want us to give Billy that chance. And so on Monday, Billy underwent his third operation to remove the lump (the first being for the biopsy). He has recovered well, bouncing about and wanting to eat even the same night he returned and his eating is back to normal, (he has always benefitted from 3 meals a day) although as always, we assist him by making sure that he eats soft food which is never served hot.

If you are lucky enough to have met Billy at the kennels, you will no doubt have immediately fallen in love with his gentle doe-like gentle eyes and loving nature beyond his bouncy, lively exterior, since he is overjoyed at walk-times to go out and about. If you haven’t met him I hope this story helps you to get to know what a strong spirit and zest for life Billy truly has. He always makes you smile and his sheer happiness touches us all. I am sure you will agree he deserves the time left that he has to be healthy and happy, as he is a very special, much loved young boy with a huge heart of love to give.

Carol (the Sanctuary) Tuesday 20th September 2016


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Sunday 4th December - Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare Charity Ball

On Sunday 4th December 2016 the Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare Charity Ball will take place at the Holiday Inn Kingston South, 4* luxury in Surbiton, Surrey.  The party is being held to publicise the work of WGW and to raise money for the 80 retired racing greyhounds currently in our care.  You and 200 guests will celebrate our 21st Birthday with an evening of extraordinary entertainment, music, great food and fantastic company. Tables and individual seats are available so you can invite guests, enjoy your staff party, or come with friends and Family. 

Since 2012, this event has entertained 600 guests and raised £50,000.00 which has contributed to the care of 300 greyhounds who have passed through our doors since then. Be part of the biggest social event in the Greyhound Welfare Calendar.

The WGW 21st Birthday Ball promises to be a night to remember with a winning performance from National Hunt Jockey Colin Brown as our Guest Auctioneer, after dinner entertainment by One4luck Casino and Beat It Disco will be raising the dancefloor into the night.  Our opening game of Red and Black will see guests compete for a £200 Shopping voucher and one lucky guest will be heading off to Disneyland with the winning raffle ticket.  Dinner will conclude with a live Auction, which in 2014 raised £8000 alone.  If you prefer to bid in secret, don’t fear, a silent auction will run alongside the night.

Once you’ve collected your prizes, you can either try your luck on the casino tables or hit the dance floor to celebrate this wonderful evening and the work of WGW.   

For more information please contact Dawn O'Brien on 07730 547701 or at

Tickets are on sale until 31st October only.


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Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare is an independent charity devoted to caring for retired racing greyhounds and finding them homes. We are self-funding and rely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters and the general public.

We care for approximately 80 greyhounds at our kennels in Hersham, and the majority of these are gifted into us by their owners or trainers once their racing days are over so that they have the opportunity to experience life as a family pet.

We actively promote the fact that greyhounds make wonderful pets and adapt to life after racing very well. Enjoy your trip round our website but better still come to our kennels and meet the stars of this particular show.



 Please consider using Gift Aid when donating.

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare, being a charity in its own right, is now able to claim Gift Aid on all donations.

This means that for every £1 you donate, we can reclaim an additional 25p from HMRC.

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